Located within a two hour drive to the US border, and less than an hour drive from Toronto, Hamilton is a great escape for anyone looking to soak up a bit of nature without having to sacrifice urban culture and nightlife. The city's many parks and trails provide the outdoor enthusiast with ample opportunity to enjoy the open air and soak in some of Ontario's finest scenery, while the downtown core provides visitors with a chance to experience some of Canada's finest up and coming arts and culture. Whether you're a nature loving Etobicoke real estate agent with a love for the arts, or a Southern California bankruptcy attorney looking for a bit of fresh air, there's something for everyone in Hamilton.

Any visit to Hamilton should include a tour of the breathtaking Royal Botanical Gardens, one of Ontario's most treasured natural parks. Considered a hotspot of plant biodiversity, over 1,100 different species of plant grow within the garden, something that cannot be found anywhere else in Canada. If you're up for a hike, the RBG connects to the Bruce Trail, an 800 km hike around the Niagara Escarpment. With its many waterfalls and natural beauties, this is a must for hikers and nature lovers alike. Why settle for the hum of an aquarium water pump when you could hear the roar and feel the mist of a raging waterfall! Go on, check it out... what have you got to lose?

If architecture is your thing, check out the magnificently Gothic Cathedral of Christ the King. Accented by its 82 stained glass window, its haunting beauty is one of Hamilton's architectural treasures. Another great landmark is the famous Dundurn Castle. With its towering Roman pillared archway, the Castle is a striking old building; so striking, in fact that it and its surrounding green spaces are popular as scenery for wedding photos, and why not? You could take a generic photo as bathroom art, or you could capture that memorable moment outside the stunning Dundurn Castle!

If architecture and nature aren't for you, have no fear: the Hamilton city life is both robust and plentiful. For the historian, there are museums like the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and the Museum of Steam and Technology; for the artisan, there are galleries scattered throughout the downtown core, as well as the Art Gallery of Hamilton on Kings St. West. There are lots of ways to forget about your job dealing with wastewater management chemicals, or whatever it might be, and find something you love within the city. If you're a fan of Canadian Football, then Hamilton is a must-see city for you. Home to both the CFL's Hamilton Tiger Cats and the Football Hall of Fame, the city is rich with history and pride. If hockey's more your game, then this is your place. Ask anyone, from Cornwall to Parry Sound, hockey is in Hamilton's blood. Just head out to see their AHL Bulldogs and you'll see just how crazy Hamiltonians are for hockey.

So whether you're passion is nature, art, sport, or history, there's something for everyone in Hamilton.

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Hamilton Canada

Wednesday, November 20, 2019