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Have you been thinking about buying real estate in Hamilton Ontario? One of the things about this part of the country is that the big cities are fairly close together, making it possible to commute easily from one to the other. Public transportation systems make the commute even easier. That means you can look for real estate in one area and a job in another, as long as you don't mind the commute.

Why would you do that? Well, there are a number of reasons. First, maybe the perfect home for you is located in Hamilton, but you work in Brantford. Maybe you just don't want to live in a city as big as Mississauga, but don't mind cities a bit smaller and are interested in looking at Brampton homes for sale.

Or, just maybe, you are among the 90% of people who can't even think about buying aToronto condon because everything is just that expensive. That's a big reason behind the growth of a lot of Ontario's other cities, Hamilton included.

Toronto is such a big factor on the real estate scene that one way to estimate what the costs of comparative homes in the region will be is to look at the proximity of the city to Toronto. Mississauga real estate, for example, is guaranteed to be more expensive than that in Hamilton because it is right next door to the national metropolis. That fact has also led to the rapid growth of Mississauga, making homes there roughly one third again what you could expect in Hamilton.

Size will also play a part when comparing two storey homes in different cities in southern Ontario. A new two storey home in Hamilton is likely not only to be less expensive than a similar house on Riverdale Toronto real estate, it will also probably be much larger. Toronto was built out long ago, and any new construction is smaller than average. It still nets high prices, but if you're looking for more rooms, bathrooms, and a yard, you're going to be looking at houses in smaller cities such as Hamilton.

The farther south and east you go, the faster you'll find prices decreasing. A London Ontario home for sale will be listed for significantly less than a typical Hamilton two storey, although most of the features will tend to be the same.

This is a result of both location and economy. London has had hard times over the last decade, while Hamilton has continued to do reasonably well. That's partly because Hamilton has seen benefited from the shift in the United States' economy, with increased shipping coming from the eastern states. London's traditional strength was its proximity to what used to be the industrial powerhouse of Detroit.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019