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For those interested in condos in the Hamilton, Ontario region who are coming from the larger community of Toronto, you may not expect that you will be able to find something comparable to 77 Carlton in this smaller city. While there is not the abundance of choices that line Yonge and Bloor and the Waterfront Districts in Toronto, Hamilton does have its own selection of condos in a variety of styles. This guide to condo choices in the city should help to open your eyes to the possibilities.

From resale condos of more modest designs, to brownstones with the same benefits as condo high-rises, there are lots of different options on the condo front in Hamilton. Like with Brampton condos, many of them are located near GO Stations to allow for easy access to all of the Greater Toronto Area. Hamilton, for many people, is a bedroom community for those that don't wish to pay the high prices for central downtown real estate. But that doesn't mean they can't live in the same sort of luxury.

There is a definite price difference when choosing between a Hamilton condo and Toronto condominiums. For a two-bedroom design of just over a thousand square feet you can find something for between $200,000 and $300,000 in some of Hamilton's most-desired regions. There are also buildings with breathtaking views of the edge of the Niagara Escarpment and of the lake.

The appearance of standalone condo units, such as brownstones, townhouses and bungalows is also on the rise in Hamilton. This city does not have the same issue with space that Toronto developers are dealing with. A community like the Villages of Glancaster will give you all of the amenities of a basic condo building, like a recreational center and maintenance services, as well as a front yard and individual garage space. Instead of a condo in a high-rise building, you could stretch out for the same price you would pay for similar craft services Toronto.

While Hamilton may not have the city life of some other cities, there is definitely a downtown core here and many condos come with the convenience of living right at the centre of the city. More so than with any Mississauga condominiums, you will be exposed to entertainment and cultural options as well as all of the services you could need just by walking out your front door. Come and visit downtown Hamilton and see all of the living choices that are right in front of you.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019