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Living in Hamilton, Ontario is very affordable for most Canadians, but even so, there are very few people who can survive anywhere without a job. If you're supported by your parents, independently wealthy, or on assignment for a top-notch Toronto search firm, that's great, but the rest of us who aren't that lucky are going to have a major job search ahead of us. Don't get caught paying your first few mortgage installments or rent fees out of your savings - make sure you've got a job lined up before you move, even if it's just a stopgap job to hold you over while you look for a better one. Here are some places you might look for careers.


Manufacturing is by far the largest industry in Hamilton, with over 60% of the nation's steel being produced in local foundries. Factories owned by Stelco and Dofasco, two of the most profitable steel companies on the continent, churn out sheet steel and steel products used in everything from piping to mattresses springs made by Tempur. Toronto-area cities are known for their nicknames, so it should be no surprise that Hamilton's is the Steel Capitol of Canada. Anyone with metallurgy or factory experience will probably do well in Hamilton.


Every other industry takes a back seat to steel production in Hamilton, even though transportation produces enough to support a whole extra city. Hamilton's John C. Monroe International Airport has increased traffic by a factor of ten in the past decade and continues to increase. This includes regional and international passenger traffic as well as cargo shipments of everything from teeth whitening products to live animals. Opportunities here are for logistics personnel, desk agents, ground crew, and pilots.


You could have a great career ahead of you in Hamilton's city government if you have a talent for pushing pencils or convincing tourists to come to Hamilton. Toronto and other GTA cities are continually competing for tourist revenues, and therefore must have staff who can help produce the best advertising campaigns and initiatives. And paperwork isn't the only government job you can look forward to. The police force also comes under city government while the several military detachments based in the city fall under federal jurisdiction. Forces stationed in Hamilton include the light infantry and some naval reserves.


Teachers are always needed in Canadian cities and towns, and Hamilton is no exception. Even if you're not sufficiently familiar with the use of cryptocards to teach computer technology at McMaster University, you can always find a position in a public elementary, junior high, or secondary school if you have your certification. There are also a variety of other jobs available for educators, from tutoring to research and beyond.

A septic truck like this one could become your primary work tool.
Photo courtesy of www.TranswaySystems.com.


This is a very broad category, but in that way it offers flexibility. Certain tasks require specific tools that are hard to come by or difficult to use, or require a certain level of experience to do well. Other tasks are simply so time-consuming or undesirable that people are willing to pay to have it done for them. From household cleaning to taxes to operating a septic tank pump truck to clear out rural septic systems there will always be jobs for those who aren't afraid of hard, tedious, or dirty work.

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