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Nestled down next to Lake Ontario in the heart of Canada's Golden Horseshoe is the historic city of Hamilton. Founded shortly after the War of 1812 by George Hamilton, the city named after him earned the name of Steel City, a name it continues to uphold today as Canada's foremost steel and heavy manufacturing providers. Known for its beautiful landscape, hardworking citizens, and budding culture, Hamilton has another nickname: Ambitious City. Though the name may seem hard to live up to, Hamiltonians are nothing if not ambitious. The people, the city, and their will are as strong as the steel they manufacture.

Just a stone's throw from Toronto and Buffalo, Hamilton is a wonderful urban community for those seeking to escape the hectic pace of the major metropolitan lifestyle. With a population just under 700,000 (compared to Toronto's 5 million and Buffalo's 1.2 million), Hamilton has all the feel and culture of a major metro city with a lot more room to breathe, thanks in large part to its many parks and trails. If you're looking to get away out of the noise and crowds of Downtown Toronto, Hamilton may just be the place for you; it's a great place to raise the kids, and you'll be saving thousands of dollars. What could you possibly have to lose?

Another great feature of Hamiltonian life is the rich and proud sporting history. Home to the CFL's historic Hamilton Tiger Cats (not to mention the CFL Hall of Fame), the AHL's Hamilton Bulldogs and the first ever Commonwealth Games back in 1930, the city has a passion for sport that rivals any North American city. From soccer games to adult hockey tournaments, from rugby to racing, Hamiltonians bring excitement and enthusiasm to any sport they follow, and have earned themselves a reputation as some of the best fans in Canada. But don't take it from me; the Hamilton crowd is something you have to experience for yourself.

Not to be outdone, the city's arts and culture community are quickly earning a fantastic reputation as well. With art galleries popping up all over the downtown core, Hamilton is regarded by many as a budding artistic community with a very bright future. One stroll through downtown shows you that not only is Hamilton a place of culture and artistic passion, but that this it's a community made of more than lifting slings and pig skins. Ever on the rise, with the proud support of the local community, the artistic side of Hamilton continues to fascinate and surprise the nation, and should keep on doing so for a very long time to come.

No less surprising is the headway that the city continues to make in the Health and Science sector. With a strong, united hospital system at its core and a growing scientific community full of fresh thinking youngsters out of McMaster University, Hamilton is carving a name for itself as one of Canada's foremost leaders in the Health and Sciences field. Having just received a federal grant from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the community continues to make forward strides in the field and bring even more pride to city and their moniker of "Ambitious City".

In addition to providing the country with brilliant new professionals in the field of Health Science, McMaster University has several other wonderful programs producing some of the countries top minds, such as Engineering (with disciplines including Chemical, Computer, Civil, Electrical, Physics, Mechanical, and Software), Business, and the Arts. The culture within each of these student bodies provides further evidence of the magnanimous culture that populates Hamilton, setting an example for cities all across the country to use as a template.

For anyone wasting away in some crummy Brampton condo, longing for a bit of diversity and excitement, Hamilton may just be the cure for what ails you. Whether it's just a visit or a full time relocation, there's no reason not to see for yourself all that Hamilton has to offer. This historic, proud, ambitious city is ever growing, ever changing, and ever looking towards the future. With a solid past built in the steel mills and on the football field, and a solid future in the arts and the sciences, there's so much to see, do, and learn in Hamilton... so what are you waiting for? Pack up your things and take a chance on the Ambitious City. Take a chance on Hamilton.

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Saturday, December 14, 2019